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Understanding Automatic Doors & Why Use Them

Automatic doors are widely utilized in the commercial sector and in case, contemplating on installing this cutting-edge utility, you must understand how automatic doors work.

How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Just as the word sounds, “automatic”, automatic doors open and close by themselves and this is facilitated by the in-built sensors. Once the sensor is triggered, the automatic door will open and close by itself. Depending on the quality of the sensors and doors, these doors are certainly reliable in emergency situations.

For their efficiency, many of the modern automatic doors are controlled by an electric motor that powers the internal belts for their operation.

Types of Automatic Doors

For decision making, you will also have to look at the various types of automatic doors on the market. These generally include;
Swinging doors
Sliding doors
Manual doors
Bi-fold doors
Revolving doors

These types of doors are generally installed in commercial buildings and other public establishments like hospitals, airports, hotels, and supermarkets.

For any commercial building, automatic doors are some of the best gifts a service provider will give to his or her customers. These doors offer maximum convenience to the elderly, children, handicapped, and those holding heavy luggage.

Why Opt for Automatic Doors?
There are various reasons for any businessman to install automatic doors as per his workplace requirement. Apart from providing an immediate impression, automatic doors also provide the following;

Improve Elegance
When it comes to fancy places like hotels, lifestyle outlets and airports, automatic doors definitely improve the appearance of the entire building. Depending on the glazing type, these doors may help display products, and double the building’s view.

Lessen Traffic
Busy centres and commercial buildings such as airports, arcades, and hospitals tend to have more traffic as more people come in and go out. Also, these places require maximum security for safety and one of the ultimate solutions is automatic doors. Depending on the settings, these doors can detect any illegally possessed material and weapons thereby impacting security measures.

Energy Efficiency
These automatic doors are extremely reliable in reducing the energy bills and this is supported by a number of studies. They are basically good at preventing the outside weather from affecting the atmosphere inside. To reduce energy consumption, especially in large commercial buildings, automatic doors can be utilized as they only open when necessary.

How Do Automatic Doors Work?
Health and hygiene are some of the major priorities in the modern era. Installing automatic doors on public buildings like arcades, hospitals, and supermarkets can guarantee customers of their safety. In other words, pulling or pushing doors is commonly believed to spread germs.

Maintenance & Repair
The performance of automatic doors is generally reliable and their maintenance certainly costs less. However, in case of malfunction or damage, a professional team must be contacted to sort the problem. Some of the possible issues with automatic doors include;
Failure to open or close
Reduced speed
Sensor malfunctions

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