Shutters Repair in London

Installing Shutters in modern retail shops, factories, and homes provide grand security. Modern security shutters offer a wide range of choices which can be manual, electric, shade grille, punctured or solid with various designs able to complete your building’s architectural designs

United Shopfront London is a leading Shutter Repair In London manufacturing and installing high-quality shutters in UK in both domestic and commercial sectors.

Types of Shutters

At Shopfront LTD, we offer a variety of decorative shutters that go hand in hand with cladding, rabbeting, custom moldings, and explicit finishing.

  • Perforated Shutters

The choice can extend to perforated roller shutters depending on the client’s desires and security motives. We also provide services of Roller shutter Repair London, where we grand every aspect of your shutters and if necessary, we install new shutters.

Perforated shutters are an excellent option for high street retailer shops, factories, and shopping malls to offer upgraded security to the premises. Perforated shutters allow low visibility and if necessary, they can completely allow no visibility, offering designer purposes, protection and security purposes.

These shutters can be aluminium, steel, or wooden shutters completed with decorative designs for an executive appearance.

  • Solid Roller Shutters

Commonly, solid roller shutters are aluminium type installed to offer maximum protection to ground retail shops, homes (garages) and factories. These shutters can be of bespoke designs, powder coated to any RAL color or plain Galvanized Mill silver finishing.

A major difference between solid shutters and perforated shutters is that solid shutters are mainly plain shutters with no holes. They can be manually (motor) or electrically operated.

  • Wooden Shutters

Vernacular architectural designs are meant to reflect or preserve the street’s or business’ tradition. These shutters commonly made from wood come in various designs and finishings that depict both contemporary and traditional business styles. These shutters can be installed in decorative or operable configurations.

In another form, are composite shutters made from materials that are milled and assembled in the same manner like wood. They offer numerous designs, commonly installed in homes

Why Install Shutters in your home or business

  • Offer sophistication of the building
  • Durable
  • Modern shutters are mainly for designer and security purposes.
  • Emergency operations- Emergency Roller Shutter Repair in London is also conducted by United Shopfront LTD. Emergency shutters can both be installed in homes and retail shops for quick exit in case of fire outbreak or other situations that require quick evacuation of the building
  • Offer various options, i.e. hinges options, extra covering, and color options

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