Security Shutters & Grilles

Shutters and grilles are currently used for domestic and commercial purposes and include decorative motives. Modern stylish shutters and grilles offer a sophisticated and sufficient protection to the house or commercial building alongside the secured intruder alarms, security systems (cameras) and lighting.

Shutter Types

Shutters are basically exterior and interior, however, with various designs. With a variety of benefits, Grill Shutters London is a trend in the commercial sector.

  • Interior Shutters

These are easily adjusted and one can attain customized interior shutters for decorative purposes, insulation, or privacy. These are embedded in doors or windows and one can make a suitable option from a variety of designs .

  • Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are basically for design purposes or security. They are additional aesthetic alternatives for luxury homes or commercial buildings. In addition, they are termed as hurricane shutters since they shield the building from harsh weather conditions.

Options for Shutter Solutions

United Shopfront LTD is leading service provider for Security Grill Shutters for Doors UK with an experienced team offering satisfactory results in the domestic and commercial spheres. The various Shutter solutions;

  • Rolling Grill Shutters

Rolling grill shutters installed by United Shopfront LTD can either be electric or manually operated pulled up or down. These shutters are easily operated whilst proving maximum security and privacy. These shutters are available in various stylish designs and colors and above all provide an attractive grille for required security. In-line styles, brink bond, and solid slats may be added to enhance appearance motives and security.

  • Solid Roller Shutters

These shutters are aesthetically installed on domestic or commercial buildings for a major purpose of high-level security. They are manufactured from premium grade material and act as suitable proof of harsh weather conditions. We provide durable solid roller shutters in various sizes, colors, and shapes for commercial outlets, factories, garages, and schools.

  • Polycarbonate Shutters

These shutters are reinforced with steel rods between the panels and are meticulously made to withstand harsh conditions. Security grill shutters for doors London are ideal for commercial purposes like salons, jewelry shops, and boutiques since they facilitate visibility of the shop merchandise. Polycarbonate shop front shutters vary in thickness and can either be controlled electrically or with a remote.

  • Punched Hole Shutters

Quality punched hole shutters are basically utilized for commercial purposes. They are available in different styles and types that include brick bond, in-line, and glazed roller shutters. These shutters are used for security purposes while allowing visibility. They are can be electrically operated, secured with the monitor systems or manually operated.

Security Grills

Various security grills act as additional building designs to protect the windows or the house doors. Security grills are selected for particular reasons and circumstances, plus, they are mainly external or interior grills.


  • Interior Grills

Internally fixed grills are available for various operations, designs, and security levels. These grills are normally made from flat steel bars or expanded steel and you can open or close the window since they have cutouts. They normally come in diamond or square pattern. Another type of internally fixed grills is “Fit Hinged” that can be locked with either integral locks or padlocks. Internally fixed Grill shutters UK are mainly for domestic purposes.

External Grills

Externally fixed grilles are commonly installed on commercial buildings for security reasons. They are normally installed over basement windows or those that lead to quiet alleyways and back streets.

They normally consist of an outer steel frame with vertical welded bars. The frame is fitted into the sides of the window, but permanently fixed external grilles must never be fitted to windows that are intended for emergency exit.

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