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Safeguarding timber windows and doors

Wooden products such as doors and windows are an essential part of house or any office building and as the wood is a natural product so it needs to be treated properly with paint coatings prior and immediately after installation.

Frequency of taking any action to keep it safe in long run

Wood windows and doors require proper up keeping from season to season to preserve their sheen and to function properly, though it all depends upon weather conditions but it is recommended to clean them at least once in six-months in clean air ambience and three-months checkup is essential in houses near to coastal regions where area and air is almost damp. So, Cleanliness is essential but coatings can be revised after six months and it also depends upon atmospheric conditions.

Due to versatility of options available in architecture the proneness to dirty air has been diminished but not totally eradicated so it is required to clean your wooden gates and doors especially which surrounds the whole house or building when one notices any stain or damage to its wooden part.

Ensure preservation with paint, sealants and oils

Owners need to apply some paints or varnishes immediately after installation to seal the timber so that no any external contaminant got attached to wood’s porous structure that could harm the wood in future and its consequences are noticed after a long time even after coating is done.

Apply sufficient coatings to make sure that surface looks smooth and no any rough or porous void is left for making a home for any insect.

Sealants and oils are solvents basically easier to use than any other means to seal the wood voids, durability and life of wood increases as these things does not let to stick any contaminant or dust particle to it unless the coating is new and have not eroded away yet. Oils nourishments are traditional methods but still workable to some extent in case of wooden products exposed to sunlight.

What to do before applying any coating?

To apply the coating of any substance for protecting wooden gates and windows, firstly wipe down the dried or first coating with a sand paper and apply damp cloth dipped in turpentine solution and then let it dry before applying any further coating of paint, sealant or oil.

The better option

Experts say and recommend some paints to keep wooden gates and a window safe but the best treatment is to apply liquid paints that ensure more life than anything else up to a decade in harsh environmental conditions, however some precautionary measures after each and every season are essential.

Some follow ups that can ensure long life of wooden gates & windows

  • Soapy water can be implemented to products.

  • Else clean the wood with any cleaning solution recommended removing any salts or any filth present.

  • Apply any cream, gel or suspension targeted to kill any insects still living in voids or for further movement that can damage the wood.

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