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Repairing Shutters to Resemble Their Original Appearance

Shutters have a wide application in the current world and to be specific, they are installed in both the commercial and domestic sectors. To promote proper performance, shutters require proper maintenance and servicing. However, in case busted or crushed down, shutters require a professional team that will repair the shutters to their original state.

Repairing Shutters Professionally

Commercial shutters are easily damaged since they are in frequent use. In other cases, accidents can also leave your shutters damaged and this certainly requires a professional team to do the job. As an experienced shutter repair team in the UK, we repair your shutters by;

  • Selecting the right shutter materials

  • Fixing the missing staples

  • Replacing the damaged slats

Shutter Materials

Commercial shutters are generally made from aluminium. Either way, we are quick to identify the type of your shutters, measure the appropriate diameter and evaluate the damage left behind.

Fixing the Missing Staples

Staples can easily get misplaced during the daily shutter operation. Some slats may miss both staples and all this requires a professional team to identify and correct the shutter. As professionals, we identify and replace the right staples to help your shutter work as though newly installed.

Replacing the Damaged Slats

Although mentioned as the last point, fixing or replacing the damaged or missing slats is done before fixing the fixing staples. Holes will be drilled into the slat exactly where the original stud was located and the slats will be fixed.

We are pros in repairing shutters that restore an original appearance, yet appear as though newly installed. We conduct all the work in the minimum time possible and leave you satisfied. We provide a variety of solutions to suit all your requirements, goals, and aesthetic tips. We are generally masters in this field with a portfolio of contemporary shutter installation and repair approaches.

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