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Do We Need to Take Care of Our Roller Shutters? If So, How?

Walking Through the Sleeping City, in the Night it Looks so Pretty’ such are the words that pop into my mind when I think of how beautiful our city appears in the night. By the way, I retrieved the lyrics from a comedy/romance movie. Either way, the topic at this juncture is how to maintain or look after our roller shutters. Roller shutters in the modern world are a source of attraction, especially in the night as they are able to display their aesthetic and artistic traits. Meanwhile, all this is upheld by a good maintenance approach.

Roller Shutters in the Commercial Field

At least every commercial building is completed with roller shutters of any form. Certainly, your mind will rest since you are aware of the security status of your business. However, installing roller shutters also come with a grand responsibility of taking care of them on a regular basis even though they are galvanized steel roller shutters. Paying attention to the performance of your roller shutter on a daily basis will surely keep you updated about their efficiency and longevity. In the same way, you will come up with a proper maintenance approach similar to this;

  1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your roller shutters on a daily basis will surely promote the shutters’ performance and increase their longevity. Just like steel gates, roller shutters have the ability to harbour dirt, leaves, and waste in the corners or hidden regions, that cause performance interruptions or faults. Therefore, cleaning the shutters on a daily basis helps you remove such irregularities that can damage them.

  • How to Clean your Roller Shutters

  • First un-dust the roller shutters with a broom or a cloth and also check in the corners or guides for any hidden garbage.

  • Then use a mild detergent to clean the roller shutters with a soft brush. Put more focus in-between the slats to remove all dirt and abrasive grime particles.

  • Then rinse your shutters with clean water and afterwards, get a dry, soft cloth and wipe the shutters in an up-down motion.

2. Lubricating

Lubricating your roller shutters at least once in a week is essential for them to work smoothly and also prevent rusting. It will also prevent commotion, which is usually escalated when the shutters wear out.

3. Pay Attention as you Operate them

This most vividly applies to the manually operated roller shutters since you may just hit them on the ground. This tendency may loosen the screws and weaken the operating mechanism, hence reducing their longevity.

4. Annual Servicing

Instead of relying on your cleaning approaches, opt for a shutter repair and maintenance team to evaluate your shutters. Since they are experienced in the field, the team will identify faults or damages and fix them before it’s too late. This will also reduce your roller shutter repair cost indirectly.

5. Polishing

This is one way of improving the shutters’ appearance. Polishing your shutters will eliminate all blemishes, scratches, and cracks that make them appear outdated.

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