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The Latest Automatic Sliding Doors Market Analysis. What are the Consumer Preferences?

Quite an interesting chapter since we all certainly desire to walk in and out of a building without hustling with doors or being hit by doorknobs or hardware. The modern commercial buildings such as malls, airports, hotels and restaurants have adopted a high-tech and sophisticated attribute of installing automatic or sliding doors. In case interested in purchasing them for your commercial building or home, here are the vital automatic sliding door aspects to put into account.

Automatic Doors Manufacturers

Numerous manufacturers of automatic sliding doors are pioneering new automatic sliding doors that are trendy and superior. According to the latest study, the automatic sliding door market has significantly enlarged over the last five years and by 2024, the market will be valued in billions. Growth predictions are quite obvious due to a variety of factors that include improved standards of living, market trends, escalating demand, and a wider portfolio.

As per the recent automatic sliding door market report

  • Persistent Development- it comprises of an analysis and a forecast for the growth of the market volume, size, dynamics and value.

  • Import & Exports- there is a growth in the market importation and exportation.

  • Automatic Sliding Door characteristics- the market is filled with numerous participants and these include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters, and wholesalers.

  • Possible trends- modification in automatic sliding door specifications, especially for convenience.

End-user Applications & Preferences

The automatic sliding door market is mainly made up of single sliding doors and bi-parting. The doors also have a wider application in the commercial and industrial sectors, apart from the residential sphere that takes up the smallest percent. Major coverage regions/countries include Europe, USA, North America, China, India and Japan. Market statistics also forecast an increase in automatic sliding door demand in Africa.

Trendy Automatic Sliding Door Specifications

Consumer preferences recurrently change with sophistication attributes and user applications. Similarly, additional aspects like speed, size, energy efficiency (insulating abilities), durability, maintenance requirements, cost, and warranty are taken into consideration. Style, elegance, and performance as per client requirement are highly facilitated in the automatic sliding door trends.

Automatic Sliding Doors in the Commercial Sector

Apart from sliding doors, swinging, folding, and rotating doors are other options in the commercial sector. The general perception of the automatic doors has played a major role in forming a fundamental step for the automatic sliding door market.

With the automatic doors, there is an opportunity for altering safety measures. Using or coupling remotes, sensors, cameras with automatic sliding doors respectively is one of the prime client preference.

In terms of cost, automatic sliding doors are known for their cost-effectiveness. Their superior attributes and design attributes make them suitable for all commercial buildings or outlets.


On a wider scheme, automatic doors are user-friendly in hospitals, especially in emergency departments and wings concerned with disabled patients. They are extremely convenient when compared to manual doors that may increase accidents in case of a rash. Sliding doors are some of the safety measures for busy hospitals.

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