Innovative & Modish Glass Designs

Glazing architectural preferences invaded the domestic and commercial sectors decades ago. These architectural applications include tempered glass, clear or tinted glass float glass, laminated glass types as well as coated glasses.

Glazing windows or doors can be manufactured and installed as single, double, or triple glazing units. Glazing in the current world offers a wide range of options to clients, usually made of PVC or aluminium glass, or wood. United Shopfront LTD, a glazing specialist UK offers classic glazing services substantial value in the modern times.

Glazing Glass Services

Glazing windows are commonly installed to retain the collected heat or block excessive sunlight in summer seasons. The glass is fitted into a rabbet in a frame depending on the building. Putty or triangular glazing points are considered

Apart from minimizing energy demand, any innovative glass design facilitates development in matchless ways.

Types of Glass Designs Offered by United Shopfront LTD

We have a portfolio of alluring, stylish and modern glass designs manufactured according to the client’s specifications and installed meticulously to serve for a lifetime.

  • Toughened Glass Designs

It is manufactured by passing cut-to-size annealed float glass through a heating furnace. This produces stronger and completely durable glass designs installed on arcades, ground levels or malls or houses.

  • Float Glass Designs

The float glass manufactured by United Shopfront LTD through a combination of limestone, sand, soda-ash, and dolomite. These are melted in a furnace, which outputs a continuous ribbon of molten glass that is floated onto a large surface. It is annealed and our team pays keen attention to the quality

  • Laminated Glass Designs

Laminated glass designs are very common because of their aesthetic and tempting appearance. These designs are manufactured with safety precautions by adhering two or more sheets of glass with a flexible interlayer, usually, 0.38mm thick.

Laminated glass designs are very executive and hardly disintegrate when damaged or broken.

  • Clear Float Glass Designs

As desired by the clients, we manufacture clear float glass that is transparent in nature with optimum clarity. The glazing specialists London provide reliable clear float glass designs to transform your building and as well prioritize safety

Clear Float Glass is quite different from Low Emissivity Glass in a way that Low Emissivity glass less heat to pass through the glass.

  • Toned Float Glass Designs

These designs are manufactured by mixing a colourant, that is normally powdered oxides into the furnace. Toned float glass is recommended to reduce glare and high temperatures

  • Double Glazed Units (Glass Designs)

Also known as Insulating Glass Units, these consist of two panes of glass separated by a spacer that contains desiccant around the edges and sealed into the perimeter. Our insulating glass units eliminate moisture vapour in the cavity and as well offer maximum security to your building

We are the leaders in manufacturing and installing various types of glass glazing showcasing emerging trends and applications that will automatically transform the architectural world.

Our glass design solutions provide enough fire protection in case of an outbreak, provides maximum privacy, and are energy savers.

We can install glazing glass in windows, doors, floors, and walls according to the client preference.

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