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Why Frequent Shutter Maintenance & Repair is Important?

Roller shutters generally serve as superior protective gears to any kind of door. They are not like any other type of doors; whether wooden or glass, but curtain-like doors with undoubtable strength. They are reliable when it comes to offering maximum security during the night or during the day. These doors generally shield the premises from unauthorised entry and above all, can prevent burglary activities from taking place.

Therefore, since modern roller shutters are that much necessary in the day to day life, so is their maintenance, servicing, and professional repair. This is regardless of whether the roller shutters are installed on a commercial building or an apartment/home.

Providing Necessary Care to the Roller Shutters

Providing Necessary Care to the Roller Shutters

Just like a garden, proper care to roller shutters can offer much more to the owner in terms of longevity and performance. Regular inspection, cleaning, and lubricating make a difference directly or indirectly.

In addition, this ought to be done with the fact that these shutters are regularly used. i.e opened and shut. At times, even the way we open and close these roller shutters damages them in the long run. Banging the shutters down as you close them affects the inner mechanism and in no time, the roller shutters will get stuck, wear out, or even get damaged.

1. Cleaning & Inspection

These work hand in hand. There is no way you are gonna inspect your shutters and close your eyes on the dirt that covers them. Similarly, cleaning your shutters on a daily basis but fail to inspect every aspect of them is totally unproductive.

As you clean the shutters, be sure to inspect them for any defect or breakage. Therefore, pay attention to the hinges, the joints, and the electronic system.

2. Maintenance

On a sad note, some individuals believe that regular cleaning is equal to maintenance. These two certainly differ and can’t be overlooked when it comes to modern shutters. Maintenance basically requires the owner to oil/lubricate the joints and hinges. At times, opting for a professional maintenance team is necessary as the team will further inspect your shutters and repair the damage there and then.

Why Is This Important?

Periodic maintenance generally prevents operation breakdowns, which can interfere with the regular flow of the business activities. Similarly, maintenance helps increase the longevity of the roller shutters. Proper performance is also assured since a comprehensive checkup is done.

3. Repair

When it comes to repairing your shutters, make sure that you consider an experienced team to do the work. The technicians will not only fix the underlying problem but will also provide necessary guidelines on how to operate the roller shutters.

Another concern is the need to repair any breakage or defect as soon as possible. Don’t continue operating damaged shutters as this basically compromises your business’ or home’s security.

Do You Have Roller Shutters? Best Ways to Care for them!

Do You Have Roller Shutters? Best Ways to Care for them!

Clean and inspect them regularly
Check their balance and the balance of the door
Oil them as recommended by the roller shutter installers
Remember that there are different roller shutter types and their maintenance, servicing and repair may differ. So, don’t entirely rely on a friend’s advice
Check the motor, hinges, and the movable parts of the roller shutters
Call a professional team to inspect and service your roller shutters every year.

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