Curtain Walling

The curtain wall is actually the non-structural outer walls that cover the whole of the building.

Shop fronts are offering you the exclusive customized design and installation of the curtain wall system. We have the expert team that offers the most versatile approaches to the curtain wall. We basically use the lightweight, strong, durable material like aluminum in order to receive the most stunning designs.  Sometimes, Curtain walls are designed with the light material like glass. Glass helps to allow the natural sunlight to illuminate the inner building. There is no need to be taken any extra effort; we are popular as the Aluminum Curtain Walling Manufacturers London. Another common type of the infill’s is the stone veneer, metal panels, operable windows and vents. Curtain walls are different from the other storefront systems. They are specially designed to cover the multiple floors.  This includes taking into consideration the design requirements of the customer. It includes the thermal expansion. Building sway and movement, water diversion, cooling and lighting in the building. We take care of all the former factors and united shop front is known in the whole of the UK as famous Aluminium Curtain Walling Fitters UK.

SC-Frame Curtain Wall

  • The SC-Frame is the one of the curtain wall design which is designed to serve you with the optimum thermal performance.
  • This type of the curtain walls is mostly used in the large shop fronts and showrooms.
  • This is actually the application which is suitable for those customers who demands the attractive glazing system that has delivered the maximum glass area and light.
  • Sc-Frame is the combination of the wide ranges of the windows and entrance doors.
  • The SC-Frame is mostly involving the pre-assembly of the different sections at the time of the fabrication. This is widely accepted as the rapid on-site installation.
  • There is no need to worry, we are renowned in whole of London as Aluminium Curtain Walling Fitters London and provide you with the excellent SC-Frame Curtain Wall.

MC Wall High-Performance Curtain Wall

  • MC Wall High-Performance Curtain Wall is mostly designed to create the most dramatic and practical façade.
  • This is essential to give the maximum light to the small or large multistory buildings.
  • This system mostly shows the concealed transoms from glass to glass joints.
  • This also includes the top hung frameless vents.
  • This curtain wall also has the option of the sloped and facet shaped glazing.
  • This curtain wall has the high performance, specialized drained system and also test performance according to STS52.0.
  • This curtain wall has also passed the CWCT standard. In UK, we are earned the fame as Aluminium Curtain Walling Manufacturers UK who provides the most excellent service in MC Wall High-Performance Curtain Wall.

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