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Type Of Roller Shutters And Their Features

If we talk about the security of the building than shutters play very important role. Shutters not only provide security to the building they enhance the privacy of the building .In the earlier time people not implement the shutters as the designs were very poor but with time now we have shutters with very good designs and very good material strength , earlier shutters were very heavy, but Today especially Roller Shutters Repair in North London are made of steel and Aluminium, because of these two materials the shutters are very light in weight, easy to push up and down. People are now using these with windows and glasses to enhance the security of their building.

Let’s discus some basic features for these shutters:

  • Today shutters are Solid and sleek design due to material used in them.
  • Because they are Lightweight, so installation and handling of the shutter is very easier without putting too much weight at the frames.
  • Made of steel and Aluminium, they are Long lasting
  • Weightless shutters are Smooth in movement.
  • There is many design options available in shutters because of this they Can be installed with windows, shopfronts.
  • They are available in every dimensions.

Different Types of Roller Shutters

We can divide the shutters in different types according to the material used in them such as cold rolled, Aluminium shutter, steel shutter and powdered coated steel shutters.

If we talk about the types we can divide the shutters in two type.

1. Manual shutters : These are the basic types of shutters. As the roller shutters are made of steel and Aluminium so they are very easy to up and down, there maintenance cost is low. These shutters because of the low maintenance and weight now they are combined with windows and thus they are also called integrated shutters.

2. Electric Shutters : electric shutters fitted with tubular motor which is fitted inside the roller. And because of this motor the shutter is smoothly moved up and down. People use remote to move the electric shutters up and down. They demand regular maintenance and repair. There are lot of companies available in East London which provide Roller shutter repair as a package of yearly basis.

So it is totally depend upon you that you want to go for electric shutters or manual shutters both are good according to their cost and maintenance.

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